Decision Factors

  How Important Is Experience?

Potential franchise owners sometimes ask who makes the best Scotts LawnService franchisee. Is it someone with previous experience in turf care? Is it the person who has previously operated his or her own business?

Actually, in operating any business, previous experience is helpful, but it in no way determines success. That’s especially true with a Scotts LawnService franchise. Because our training program is designed to overcome lack of experience not only by teaching the fundamentals of operating the business, but by sharing the wisdom and experience of others who have been successful in the business.

More important than experience, therefore, is a desire to control your own financial destiny-plus an understanding of the importance of having a relationship with Scotts LawnService as part of the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company. You will soon be part of the strong brand names and resources that you can utilize to build and maintain your franchise business.

  On Being Your Own Boss

Millions of people dream about owning their own business-often from a desire for the freedom of answering to themselves, rather than to someone a step or two above them on the corporate ladder.
Having this dream is great, but it should be accompanied by a realization that with this freedom comes great responsibility. A Scotts LawnService franchise owner, for example, doesn’t answer to a “boss” but to many bosses-the customers that are served every day, who expect only the best from a company associated with the Scotts name.

  Financing Arrangements

The cost of a Scotts LawnService franchise depends on the potential of the market selected. It is based upon the demographics and other criteria within the selected territory. Although a cash payment for the full amount of the franchise investment is the most cost-effective way to purchase the franchise, we realize that this is not the best plan for everyone.

We understand, for example, that it is unwise in some cases to limit operating capital in order to make a larger down payment-especially in the early stages of a business. For this reason, we view the financial status of each franchise applicant as a one-of-a-kind situation. Individual financing arrangements, therefore, can be worked out with qualified applicants, based on their own financial position.

  What Is The Next Step?  

You’ve already taken the first step by investigating Scotts LawnService franchise opportunities. If the possibilities look interesting, we invite you to complete and submit our Lets Get Acquainted Form. This will give us an opportunity to learn more about you.

As we continue to transform lawns across the United States, we need highly qualified candidates to help us grow. There are still territories available throughout the country for qualifed candidates.

We would like to make you part of our family. If you would like to determine if the Scotts LawnService business philosophy is a match to your skills and interests. Then let us know more about you.