Getting Started With Your Scotts LawnService Franchise

During in-depth training sessions, Scotts LawnService experts take you through every step of running your new lawn care business.

From the day you make the decision to open a Scotts LawnService franchise, you will have our full support. Scotts LawnService provides a complete package to assure your success. That package includes all of the training materials and “know how” you need-supplied from professionals who know the lawn business inside and out.

Although we personally enjoy seeing our franchisees prosper, our motives are not entirely altruistic. We realize that our success depends on your success. We are, therefore, totally committed to working together with you to provide whatever support is required to build a solid, profitable business for you.

  It Starts With Training

Your training begins with intensive classroom training sessions. During these sessions, you’ll be exposed to virtually every facet of the lawn service business.

Next, you will attend training at an existing Scotts LawnService branch, where you get “hands-on” experience in running the business. You have the opportunity to solve real, day-to-day business problems. Finally, you’ll receive training on the operation of the computer hardware and software that will make your new business incredibly efficient. You’ll find that although you are an independent entrepreneur, thanks to the Scotts LawnService support team, you’ll never have to face business problems alone.

Then, prior to the opening of your new franchise, Scotts LawnService specialists work with you in developing the details of your new branch operations-everything from sales and marketing planning to budgeting, staffing, and training of new employees.

  The Support Continues

Scotts LawnService support doesn’t stop once you’re up and running. Ongoing training is available for you and for all of your people. As your business grows, we continue to keep your organization in top form through seminars, workshops, conferences, video presentations, and technical bulletins.

One area where you’ll find Scotts LawnService expertise most helpful is marketing. The millions of dollars Scotts devotes each year to establish brand identification gives Scotts LawnService advertising great acceptance and credibility.

You’ll utilize the same advertising concepts and ideas that Scotts LawnService company-owned branches use-customized for you. This includes proven advertising methods and materials, pre-tested to deliver lots of cost-effective leads and sales for your new business.

Furthermore, you never get side-tracked in the administrative details of advertising. Scotts LawnService not only designs and print your mailers, for example, we also mail them to targeted prospects in your area.

As we continue to transform lawns across the United States, we need highly qualified candidates to help us grow. There are still territories available throughout the country for qualifed candidates.

We would like to make you part of our family. If you would like to determine if the Scotts LawnService business philosophy is a match to your skills and interests. Then let us know more about you.