Q. Can I select my own territory?

A. Generally, yes. As long as all requirements in the Franchise Agreement are met, the franchisee and franchisor determine the territory through mutual discussions. Some areas in major markets are reserved for company-owned branches.

Q. Will my territory be protected?

A. Yes, a specific protected territory is designated in the franchise agreement.

Q. What is my initial cost?

A. The initial franchise free depends on the territory selected, and is determined by demographics and market potential in that market. Franchise fees can range from $22,000 to $250,000. Our business development manager will work with you to identify and evaluate potential market areas.

Q. Must I work full time in the franchise?

A. No. You may be either an owner-operator or an investor. However, if you devote a minimal part of your time in the business, a full-time manager must operate the business for you and meet all training requirements of Scotts LawnService. All owners must complete the Scotts LawnService certification program.

Q. Can I own more than one Scotts LawnService franchise?

A. Yes, provided you have the business experience and financial strength to warrant it.

Q. Can I sell my franchise?

A. Scotts LawnService retains the right of first refusal. If we do not purchase the franchise, the buyer must be approved by us.

Q. Once I decide to invest in a franchise, how long will it take to be in business?

A. It really depends on you. In general most franchises are opened in less than one year from signing and some can be opened within 90 days. Sales opportunities vary by market, so each new opening is evaluated separately. In general, spring and fall are the good times to open.

Q. Will Scotts LawnService provide any financing of my franchise investment?

A. Yes, financing for the franchise fee, as well as financing of products, is available.

As we continue to transform lawns across the United States, we need highly qualified candidates to help us grow. There are still territories available throughout the country for qualifed candidates.

We would like to make you part of our family. If you would like to determine if the Scotts LawnService business philosophy is a match to your skills and interests. Then let us know more about you.